Keep calm & have a family location shoot...

The Brecon Beacons is an amazing place, the locations here are incredible. Firstly I no longer offer any studio shoots for family sessions… so if you want me to take your photos then we will be out and about, not sure if a location shoot is for you? well hopefully this blog will help you decide! 

Here are some reasons why I feel that location shoots are just amazing! 

People tend to be more relaxed outside, its simple fresh air and nature is calming. Now if you have a couple of excited children who like to run around, laugh and play a location shoot can be a lot of fun. I'm not saying a studio shoot isn’t a good option, if this is what you want go for it. It will work out just fine, and there are many amazing photographers in the area who offer just that, you are really spoiled for choice around these parts with great photography studios! However if you want natural, not to posed photos, with natural lighting, scenic views as a backdrop, where a child feels they can be them self a location shoot will definitely achieve an awesome outcome. Location shoots also work great for shy people for these reasons, dogs just LOVE a location shoot too!

As we live in an amazing area the colour of course depending on the time of year is incredible. However I even like shooting in winter, I love frosty blue sky’s with rolling dramatic clouds and naked golden trees. Yes, ok it’s cold. However that means cuddles! I'll ask you to hold your children tight and all keep warm. This will get natural laughter and smiles. Whats not to love about that? Then we have spring, pink, blue, green and to sound even more like a cliche... birds singing and trees budding. It's also warm enough to wear your favourite jumper/jacket on a shoot. Spring just makes for great photos! Summer, now if you follow my work you will know I LOVE evening sun, I adore golden hour photos. I even smiled writing that... GOLDEN HOUR, it just sounds so picturesque, and believe me it is. It's also (sometimes) warm enough for dresses, t-shirts and shorts. Summer time photos in long grass, sunflower fields and rivers with mountain views make amazing memories captured and look just fantastic printed and hung up on the wall for everyone to see. 

After summer comes the best time of all, Autumn. I love Autumn it's my favourite time of year for many reasons. Again we get awesome afternoon/early evening sun. We also get fallen leaves, reds, cooler air, rain (yes I'm going there, rain doesn't always ruin a photoshoot) It also gets darker quicker, this means an earlier finish for me, the earlier I finish photoshoots for the day means I can get on with editing and preparing photo galleries. I could go on and on about why Autumn is fantastic for photos, but I like to keep my blog post short and sweet, like myself. So my main point, it doesn't matter the time of year you book your photos for you will get outstanding images regardless.  

We all went through a pandemic not that long ago… it hit us all hard in one way or another, It's taken away loved ones, it stole our freedom and so much more. Now more than ever and after families being apart for so long capturing our bonds, memories and loved ones just feels so important! 

I’m offering very limited bookings for the rest of the year still, but I’m always thinking about the future, so follow me on my social media to see my availability!