Capturing real moments...

Do you know me yet? My name is Velvet Cole. I'm a photographer from Wales, I offer creative documentary wedding photography. I love capturing real moments, real love and laughter. I work with Zoe Mathias Photography together we capture a very small number of weddings a year. Because we only take on a small number it means we can get to know you as a couple and ensure that your photos reflect you perfectly, i'm not an intrusive photographer so I do work before hand so that on your wedding day you can almost forget I am there!

Get to know me a little

So people often ask me why have I chosen to be wedding photographer, and it’s simple really I love weddings! in fact I adore them, the atmosphere, the fun, the emotions, weddings are these amazing events of love and connection and I get to capture all of that! It's incredible!

A lot of people ask me if I get nervous or stressed out when it comes to weddings. as i’ve already mentioned I love weddings, everything about them, the feeling of happiness bouncing around the room. Of course I get a little nervous it would be silly if I didn’t. A wedding is a massive deal and a special day. But my main emotion is excitement, and that is what drives me. 

I LOVE prints, every wedding package gets prints from me. Here is why are prints important to me!

Your wedding day will be frozen forever, the feeling of happiness bouncing around the room, the emotion on people’s faces, the dance moves at the end of the night. Emotion is powerful, real raw emotion, sometimes it's unpredictable, these are the moments I want to capture. Documenting the little details, the rings, the dress, the lights, the smiles and all of the fun, the moments happen and they pass.... then you hold it in your hands as a print and all those emotions flood over you again; it's powerful.

I also offer location photos, we live in such a beautiful area it’s amazing to be able to go in any direction and have such a scenic natural backdrop! I’ve been so very lucky to be able to capture such fun and natural photos over the years, however I only take on very limited bookings. 

My other passion is my fine art photography and Personal blog, I will be working on this more! It’s the direction I see my self going in, I’m excited to share some collaborations soon and develop as an artist as well as a wedding photographer, if you are interested in that side of my work please check out my other website- Velvet Image. 

Get to know Zoe

Zoe started helping me out with weddings last year, she is also a brilliant wildlife and landscape photographer too. Zoe doesn't work from me, she works with me, we are a team. She is a very talented photographer, with a great eye for detail. I asked Zoe a few questions so you can all get to know her a little better, these are Zoe's answers- 

Why do you love photography? 

“ I absolutely love photography as a whole. For me it’s about capturing the moments that other people don't see. The patience of waiting for wildlife and seeing the finished photo. From a young age I enjoyed taking photos. I enjoy being outdoors, I especially love walking and always have done, and my love of photography compliments that. My camera makes me forget everything and focus on the moments that i'm capturing. Recently I have focused on photographing people and have teamed up with Velvet providing natural wedding photography."

What is it about second shooting at weddings you like? 

“ I love taking natural shots so this works well for me and compliments the wedding package. I also don't have the pressure of the day as such, while learning more techniques!”

Can you tell us a little bit about your all time favourite image? 

“ My favourite image is the Highland Cow. I absolutely love everything about them. Added bonus was him sticking his tongue out”

What other photography projects do you work on? 

 “I have my own photography exhibition in Hay. My work is also going into Ardent Gallery during the Jazz Festival so i'm busy choosing the prints. I am also currently designing a calendar for 2023.”

Now you know Zoe Mathias a little better! Zoe and I work great together, so when you hire me for your wedding you also get Zoe, what more could you want! 

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