As we are walking through summer, hand-in-hand, the sun on our backs and the fresh air dancing around us it’s always important to think about all we are grateful for. The sun has been kind lately, we have welcomed it. Admittedly my favourite time of year for photoshoots is Autumn, but wow have I been lucky lately with amazing light! 

I recently took some photos of my grandparents, to be honest they have been asking me for years, when we finally got round to a shoot, I wanted natural photos to tell the story of love. Love grows, it twists and it turns, it holds us tight and like the sunlight it warms us when we need it, it makes us strong but also allows us to feel vulnerable. 

I’m loving editing these, as I look at the images I captured two words rush around my head. ‘Thank you,’… it’s simple and it’s real, like the love exuding and evident from these photos. 

Thank you, 

For the holidays 

For the Welsh cakes

For Sunday morning walks

For buying me art supplies as a child

For the shopping you used to just ‘pop up’ knowing when I couldn’t afford to eat properly in my younger years 

For being not only my grandparents, but for being Deryn and Lunars 

For the laughter 

For showing us what love looks like

For the understanding 

Thank you... 

The photos from this photoshoot really do speak a thousand words! It was beautiful to capture all the fun and love. I posed this shoot the same way I would any couple, although perhaps I was a little cheeky, the couple being my grandparents I definitely used our humour we share to my advantage here. I kept telling them “pretend I’m not here!” And I would run around “grandad stop looking at me, remember I’m not here!…” we had lots of fun! 


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